Napoli (Naples) Vacation Travel Video Guide


Travel video about destination Napoli in Naples.
Porta Capuano is Europe’s largest ancient town and is located in Naples, a southern Italian city situated within a bay near to Mount Vesuvius. The Via Dei Tribunali is one of three main streets that originated in antiquity and gave structure to the town. Around fourteen hundred sacred Gothic buildings originated along this important lifeline of the city, the Duomo Di San Gennaro being one of the most famous. The Spaccanapoli is one of the city’s three Greek-Roman streets. A small side street, the Via Gregorio Armeno is known as “the alley of the Christmas cribs”, a unique collection of small shops in which the famous crib makers of Naples have their workshops. Amid the tangled alleys is hidden the San Lorenzo Maggiore Church with an inner courtyard and cloister. The largest monastery in Naples is thought to have been the setting in which Boccaccio met his Fammetta and also where the city officials met. The archaeological complex of the church colourfully features the city’s history, an ancient commercial Roman street above which the monastery complex was built. The historic centre of the old town of Naples indicates its transformation by history and where modernisation and decay lie closely side by side and create an architectural image of bygone centuries.

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