Singapore outdoor fitness


We are a group of passion people who love about sports and exercise. Activities include Calisthenics, Multifunctional training, Running,Cycling, and Travelling.We share the knowledge about fitness among each other.Our coordinate is Singapore. If you are interest, please feel free to drop us an email at : ; or you can also find us at WeChat: CROSS-8

喜欢户外,健身,跑步,骑行,旅游。我们就是这么一群活力四射的年轻人。周末的时候会聚在一起锻炼,浸润在大自然中释放热情。我们吸引了来自五湖四海的朋友们,一起锻炼,分享健身方面的知识。坐标新加坡,如果你想和我们一起释放热情,欢迎加微信:CROSS-8 或者邮箱联系