Hunting Pignut


15-year-old Bernice Kilfoy (Taylor Hickson, Deadpool, Aftermath) hates her life in tiny, isolated Black Gut, Newfoundland. She believes that she will never let down her traumatic childhood that left her body and psyche deeply scarred. Bean, her mother, tries to be a friend but is too busy struggling to get ahead. Shelf centered, lonely, starved for attention and shunned by her peers, Bernice makes up stories about hanging out with her dad, whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years. Her dejected spirit takes a strange turn when her dad dies of a heroin overdose and Pignut, a nihilistic gutter punk, shows up for his wake.

Bernice stumbles upon Pignut’s writing journal and becomes obsessed with discovering more about her father, his mysterious facial tattoo, his best friend Pignut and their clan of nomadic gutter punks. When Pignut steals her father’s ashes, right out of his urn, Bernice embarks on an odyssey to hunt down her father’s ashes and to discover her place in his heart and in the world.


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