Hidden from Tourist!! Shopping in Bangkok (Hua Mum Night Market)


Shopping at Hua Mun Night Market. One of the best Bangkok local night market “hidden” from tourists. Fantastic night life destination to enjoy shopping clothes, cosmetics, accessories and a lot more. If you’d like to experience “what the Thai locals do” this is the place for you.
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Today we are walking around Hua Mum Market located at Lat Phrao, Bangkok. Not many tourists know about this market because it’s far from central Bangkok area, the inconvenience of public transport could be the major reasons.

If you prefer to experience “local things to do in Bangkok” visiting Hua Mum Market is recommended. Please expect fewer communication skills in English compared to the tourist famous shopping places like Chatuchak Market etc.

Local Thai woman loves shopping in the night market. Price is a lot cheaper than buying at the shopping mall. It only opens on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night from 7 pm to midnight.

Nightlife in Bangkok gets exciting with shopping at the night markets. It is definitely one of the “best things to do” in Bangkok for all tourists. Especially this Hua Mum market is not known for many tourists.

Learning a few simple Thai phrase and throwing it to the shopkeepers might get you a discount on items. Every Thai in the market knows that negotiating the price is part of the fun in shopping.

How to visit Hua Mum Market

Taxi or Motorcycle Taxi from MRT Ladprao or MRT Huaykhwang. Cost around 100 baht from the MRT stations to the market.

11 Kaset-Nawamin Road, Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand 10230

Daily 6 pm – 11 pm

Hua Mum Market Facebook page:
➤ https://goo.gl/PrDWyN


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