Kayaking in Brazil


A little reminder on Brazil’s size: It’s the biggest country in South America, and the fifth-biggest in the world – just behind the United States. Saying that you want some beach action, but also kayaking in Brazil, is kind of like saying you want to whitewater raft through the Grand Canyon, but like the idea of climbing Mount Rainier while you’re at it. They’re noble goals, but on a normal trip, your options are limited to one or the other.

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Kayaking the Amazon

There are a small handful of guided kayaking trips on relatively placid tributaries of the Amazon. I’d recommend the deep, ebony-colored Urubu River, which flows 120 miles northeast of Manaus, the former rubber city and capital of the state of Amazonas in northern Brazil. Trips generally last five or six days through the heart of the Amazon jungle. Trip highlights: hidden waterfalls; jungle treks; spotting electric eels, tapirs, eagles, orchids, monkeys, snakes, and coatis; hunting for (and releasing) caimans; piranha fishing; and hiking into a bat cave. No self-powered adventure will put you closer to nature, and further from people, in the Amazon than this one.


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