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What are Taiwanese Women Like – Dating Girls from Taiwan

Formerly known as Formosa, Taiwan is an island located off the southeastern coast of mainland China. Despite the dispute on the political status of Taiwan, it has a thriving economy and vibrant culture. These are also the qualities which make a social life in Taiwan quite exciting. So if you are a guy and visiting this part of the world, here is what you can expect of women from Taiwan.

Attractive in a cute kind of way

Women in Taiwan share attractive physical traits like smooth skin and shiny, straight black hair with most other Southeast Asian women. However Taiwanese women are beautiful in a cute sort of way and seem to fit the “Hello Kitty” mould. Most of them seem to favor a pixie look in hairstyles which further emphasize their petite frames and youthful appearance. Perhaps because of the traditional bias towards female modesty, you will not find Taiwanese women flaunting their sexual attractiveness – indeed many would even go so far as to sport an androgynous look. On the whole though, they look cute and pretty, albeit in an almost child-like sort of way. In fact women with broad features, bronze skin and freckles are considered ugly by Taiwanese men though they may be appear strongly and beautiful to foreigners.

Economically empowered

The economic boom in Taiwan during the 1990s brought about an expansion of employment opportunities. As a result educated and skilled Taiwanese women made use of these avenues and went on to form a significant part of the island’s upwardly mobile professional class. Today many urban women are financially independent in Taiwan and in the entire island more women have access to education and employment than ever before.

Struggle against patriarchal mindset

Despite the recent advances made by women in Taiwan, they continue to struggle against a patriarchal mindset. Though the service and skilled sectors have more women professionals than ever, only very few are able to make it to the top management levels. In the entire labor force of the island, women workers are more to be found in the unskilled and unorganized sector. Women’s wages and salaries are generally lower than men’s and women earn only 72 percent of men’s income for equivalent work. On the domestic front too, Taiwanese women have to deal with a traditional ethos according to which the man is the head of the family and it is a wife’s duty to obey him. Women thus often end up working both outside and within the house and yet find it difficult to earn the respect and reward that they deserve.

Prefer foreign men

With wider exposure to people from various parts of the world and rising financial independence, women in Taiwan now no longer want to settle down to a subservient way of life. After being at the receiving end of patriarchal culture for centuries, modern Taiwanese women feel the need to opt for a life which is free of gender biases and is more respectful of their input, both at the domestic front as well as the professional field. Thus foreign men especially from western societies like USA, Australia and Europe are highly coveted as potential partners by the modern, urban Taiwanese women. They believe that western men will not only be more supportive as partners – for instance pitch in with the housework and take an active part in raising the kids – but possibly more romantic too. Traditional Asian cultures do not encourage the open expression of emotions and the display of feelings like love and romance even between spouses are not common in public. Whereas western societies are far more accepting of PDAs and this what many Taiwanese girls are attracted to.

They love shopping

Like Hong Kong and Singapore, Taiwan too is driven by a materialistic culture. Here people, particularly the young, are ambitious and want to earn well. A significant offshoot of this materialistic life is a conspicuous consumerist culture, especially in the urban areas. Thus men and women would rather prefer hanging about in shopping malls and window-shopping rather than browse through museums and art galleries or take long hikes and walks. Taiwanese society has a dominant indoor culture where karaoke, gaming and shopping are the main recreational activities. So if you wish to create a good impression on your Taiwanese girl, offer to take her out shopping. One of the swankiest shopping malls is in the Taipei 101 which was till 2010 the tallest building in the whole world. Women in Taiwan feel shopping is a treat here, what with some of the world’s most luxurious brands retailing their stuff from its corridors. Other upscale places where you can take your girlfriend are Bellavita, Living Mall and Nova Plaza in Taipei or the Dream in Kaohsiung which is reputed to be one of the largest shopping malls in the entire continent.


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